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We offer delivery, installation, integration, commissioning and further technical support for the following solutions:

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The Luxms BI is the business intelligence and dashboard system for visual presentation of quantitative and qualitative parameters and key performance indicators of operational processes of your company. It is a new class of applications on the market of Business Intelligence systems, designed for strategic planning and monitoring of key performance indicators through the HTML5 Web-access and on the native iPad application.

We are partners of Luxms BI product delivery in Cambodia and neighboring countries, system integration and further technical support.

We understand that managers are working under time pressure and a huge information overload, and traditional BI solutions, designed rather for analysts, do not really fit for the management. We want to make the process of working with business data simple and convenient and offer the proprietary platform for those managers who need to make informed decisions.

Luxms BI mean:

  • This solution is designed specifically for executives, top management and middle management
  • It is focused on the strategic objectives
  • Hierarchical analysis - at the level of process, division, city, region, company as a whole
  • Mobile access to data at any time and from anywhere in the world

"Smart Data" on Luxms BI interactive dashboards

Luxms BI aggregates, filters and adapt your "smart data", those reliable benchmarks derived from the whole variety of your "big data", which are the most essential for managerial decision-making, management reporting and analytics. Through interactive dashboards with powerful visualization you can see all the information landscape and focus on the main and essentials things.

  • For business: The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In a rapidly changing business environment, companies have no room for error or delay in the strategic decisions making. Luxms BI - the best way to get a complete information on the state of the business, assess the situation and quickly respond to changes.
  • For non-governmental organizations and state institutions: Government officials and employees of non-profit organizations have to deal with various issues that require your full attention. They should work with large amounts of data, and be prepared to assess the situation and make a decision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, tools like Luxms BI can significantly improve efficiency of their work.
  • For educational institutions and research institutes: Mobile business intelligence - is a great tool to do more with fewer expenses for training and research works. You can quickly analyze and present the facts and figures of your audience / colleagues.
  • For manufacturing companies: you'll see at any time the current status of warehouses, orders, production processes and many more.

Watch here short video-presentation.

BIS company offers you to execute a test / pilot project. Seeing how your "big data" are come to life, you will love this system!
We glad to offer for your business designing and delivery of unified automated electricity control and accounting system - a modern, innovative system for supervisory and technical monitoring of remote objects and networks of objects, remote control, readouts and configuration. Proposed solution, by an autonomous, fully automated collection of data on energy consumption, provides a number of significant cost reductions for your company, providing preparation and transportation of energy resources in more energy efficient way. BIS is partner of ICBCOM for the design and delivery of turnkey automated M2M-solutions on the territory of Cambodia and neighboring countries, as well providing the first line technical support to in Cambodia.


The solution applies fully automated process of collection, processing and data storage at its server, which provides protection of all levels of the calculations from the influence of the human factors, as well as accidental or fraudulent falsification of data.

Elements of "smart" data collection system from electricity power meters and various controllers and sensors equipped with modules for remote configuration and data transmission through the GPRS, 3G and Ethernet networks and together with the central server software, performing the following functions:

  • Automation of collecting and data processing processes on energy consumption facilities and remote sites
  • Improving the accuracy and reliability of accounting of electric power consumption
  • Monitoring of power consumption mode set
  • Operational control of power consumption sites
  • Machine to machine exchange of information (increasing efficiency and reliability of electricity bills)
  • Provide accurate, reliable and timely information on energy consumption tied to a single calendar time
  • Reducing the quantity of staff and the cost of data collection, maintenance, control and operation
  • Provide immediate access to any of the elements of the system, remote management and configuration
  • Timely and immediate collection of aggregate data and data for the period

The solutions portfolio includes following automated systems:

  • Energy consumption accounting system
  • Smart Base Station
  • Climate control system for Base Stations
  • Solution for dispatching and remote objects management
  • Environmental and meteorological monitoring
  • Monitoring of accumulator batteries
  • Controlling the correct exact time at remote sites
  • RFID-solution for trade and inventory businesses

Jet Toolbar is designed to organize the feedback channel of the operator and the subscriber who are using data services. The Toolbar product is designed for internet service providers (ISP) and for mobile operators (GSM, 3G, 4G, WiFi, WiMax). Solution allows operators to display an additional visual elements (widgets) with information and/or additional controls to their subscribers or users who are viewing web-pages (http) via web-browsers at their mobile devices, tablets and computers.

Some ways to use Jet Toolbar:

  • Providing customers with wide variety of interactive information and mass notifications. In this case, product provides a one-way channel of mass notifications from company to its customers (for example notice of changes in services due to maintenance works, conduct own marketing campaigns, etc)
  • Delivery of personalized notifications to subscribers. For example, notifications to customers on changes in their personal status, on granting bonuses, on packages expiration and many other scenarios
  • The bi-directional personal interaction of service provider with its subscribers: in addition to a channel of personal information, subscribers will have Toolbar-elements for self-care (such as for example "Turbo button" for instant increase of bandwidth, or interactive button for changing subscribers' tariff plan, or activation of a new service, a service package or a promotion)
  • Connecting an external partner (e.g. an advertising agency, an online ad-network) into user - service provider channel to compose and send the user to individual targeted information (as advertising banners), placed with Toolbar

Advantages of Jet Toolbar:

  • Separated component which are performing proxy function and visual contend provision function. Toolbar Proxy performing only insertion of Java-script into HTML-pages. Provision of visual content is performed during time when page is displayed to a user by requesting Jet Toolbar Application Server
  • Only HTTP-traffic is processed and filtered by Jet Toolbar Proxy. Here are unpacked and analyzed only the headers of HTML-pages. This reduces the hardware requirements for the server of Jet Toolbar Proxy
  • Supported any compressed pages (gzip, etc.). Jet Toolbar Proxy performs decompression of compressed content
  • Optimal use of ports of DPI system. Traffic passes through the DPI only once in each direction. The solution has a minimal impact on bandwidth and resilience operators' network
Any of modern information system has built-in access control mechanisms. From a functional point of view, these mechanisms are sufficient for managing user permissions - any employee can be provided with any access rights as designed for the given information system. But it does not mean that configuring of access rights will be fast and convenient.

At the same time, information about the access rights of users and needs to have access is constantly changing. In relatively small organizations is easy to configure and maintain the relevance of the access rights manually - to add and disable user accounts as necessary, periodically review the lists of user accounts and access rights applied to them to ensure that no mistakes is exist, etc. With the growth of your company, the number of systems and employees having access to those systems increases. The amount of information about users and given permissions growing like an avalanche. Control of thousands of accounts in dozens of information systems - is a very nontrivial task.

According to forecasts for the next 3 years, the number of new companies deploying Identity Management Systems (IDM) will grow by 5 times. And the majority of projects will take place in organizations with the quantity of employees between 500 and 2000 people.

An effective access control system - Identity Management or IDM - mean the system that provide processing of user accounts access rights without burdening the life of the business users and system administrators. This solution should cover all main steps of employee access to corporate information resources: login to the corporate network, access to information systems (ERP, sales support system, accounting system, human resources, billing system, etc) and access to the data (access to databases, data warehouses, etc). On each of access steps the IDM solution should provide authentication process, user's access rights control and audit of their actions. Effective automated access control system includes several classes of solutions: an identification data lifecycle management system - IdM (Identity Management), an authentication system with mechanism of single authentication SSO (Single Sign-On), a privileged user accounts control system - PIM (Priviledged Identity Management ), as well as the corporate repositories control system - UDM (Unstructured Data Management). Integrated solution based on mentioned technologies allows you to get a lot more than if they are deployed individually, thus you will have comprehensive access control solution.

We offer IDM project for your company in partnership with Jet Infosystems.

Deploying IdM solution you will reduce time costs of IT departments and increase efficiency of your company business processes as a whole due to the optimization of procedures and implementation of SOX-controls (Sarbanes- Oxley Act). The first results from the implementation will be achieved in 4-6 months, and the payback period of IDM projects is about 1 year.


Key features of IdM projects:

  • Design and optimization of your company processes to control access to information resources
  • Wide range IdM solutions, where will be selected the best suitable product for your business
  • ПPhased implementation: First Results in 4 months
  • Proposed for companies of various sizes - unique tailored designs, as well as standard solutions
Social Analytics is automated platform for the analysis subscribers - a Big Data class solution. The system collects data about subscribers from existing subscribers' communication activity (calls, SMS, WEB-traffic), from payment activity and possibly other types of data, analyzes the data using mathematical models and algorithms, and generating unique information, useful for the mobile operator.

According to analysis of large data, the system classifies customers by demographic characteristics (sex, age, birthday, ...), the areas of interests, behavior (index of social activity, social relations, a circle of friends ...), the anchor points of the geographical location of customers, devices they are using (model, operating system, browser, ...), the social role, the degree of sociability, psycho type, income level, professional employment. The solution builds a cloud of clients' interests, social graphs, performs segmentation and profiling.


Some ways to use the platform of social analytics:

  • Personalized offers to customers, depending on their current services / tariffs
  • Development of the customer base: the attraction, retention, support for loyalty
  • Increasing of profitability and return of marketing campaigns by reducing costs and improving efficiency
  • Preparation or adjustment of the product portfolio of the company or prices that will be attractive to the relevant client groups
  • Provide non-personalized subscriber base data to a third party companies (banks, commerce, service companies, advertising agencies, etc.)
  • Implementation of more marketing campaigns in less time and with greater efficiency and impact
  • Preparation of personalized proposals for services and products to customers in accordance with their real needs
  • Rapid changes in the conditions of marketing campaigns, support for decision-making in the real time
  • Achieve better return thanks to more precise definition of the target segment of each campaign
  • Identification of high-yield customers and retention or attraction; Increasing income from the current subscriber base
  • Cost optimization for attraction of new customers

BIS company in partnership with the Polish manufacturer of inventory and assets accounting, the SunVision company, supplies and implementing the SunVizion Network Inventory solution, as well as providing further first line of support for the system on the territory of Cambodia and neighboring countries.

SunVizion Network Inventory is state-of-the-art, cost efficient and customer-proven solution which allows you to capture, store and manage all key data about your network infrastructure, configuration, status and performance. SunVizion Network Inventory correlates and analyzes this data and then feeds your business processes including customer care, order fulfillment or fault management with necessary information. It also provides you with advanced Business Intelligence solutions supporting your decision processes. SunVizion Network Inventory rather than just "documenting" your network it focuses on aggregating information from other OSS/BSS systems and network elements and utilizing this information to improve your operations, investments, sales and many other aspects of your business.

Service Inventory

Service Inventory is used to collect, process, and share information about services provided by the operator in order to support service sale and maintenance processes. Service Inventory provides a web service interface allowing for integration with other systems, in particular with CRM, Resource Inventory and Workflow. It allows for managing specific customer care processes. The solution enables service modeling in compliance with TM Forum recommendations so that the telecommunications operator can record all aspects and parameters of its services (both in terms of clients and hardware).


Resource Inventory

Resource Inventory is used to collect, process, and provide information about physical and logical network resources. The system stores data about infrastructure (such as buildings, rooms, room equipment, cable routes, duct segments, cable chambers (manholes), cabinets, utility poles, cables, etc.) and its physical usage (card distribution within shelves, cables occupying ducts, physical ports on devices used by attached cables). Devices can be deployed using advanced compatibility control features to match device types and technologies as well as available bandwidth. The system supports logical resource inventory, recording the resource's functionality, bandwidth, and relationships with other physical and logical resources. The system provides information on network topology and utilization, and features for searching and reserving network connections.

Outside Plant Inventory outside_dymki-1.png

Inside Plant Inventory inside_dymki-1.png

Building Inventory building_dymki-1.png

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